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Our 90 minute one-to-one sessions are for those looking to work through stress, anxiety or other difficult emotions, and to create clarity to see life from a fresh perspective.

Sessions are one-off or on a longer-term basis.



For those wanting to bring the power of group breathwork to their friends or organisation. Brilliant for helping companies expand their mental health agendas.


We also offer group breathwork sessions to couples.


We offer breathwork journeys over the course of 5 weeks to allow you to move deeper into your unconscious and develop grester awareness of yourself. Continuity of practice over an expended periof opens the body up to releasing deeper-seated blockages.



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Our aim is to support people in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness and capacity for self-healing.


During a session, we consciously work with the breath to enter a state of altered awareness, similar to what most people seek through meditation.

People often encounter intense, "therapeutic" experiences that help to flush away negative energies and leads them to a healing place of greater understanding.

about breathwork

What is it?

Breathwork sessions are guided with the aid of music and Matt's voice. The breather maintains focus on a conscious, connected breath, allowing them to drop into a deeper state of being, where healing and love reside. The breath begins slowly and gently, and gradually picks up pace, peaking at the sessions's half way point and then slowing back down to allow integration. The conscious-connected breathing pattern is continued for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Each session is uniquely different and intuitive in nature. Throughout the journey, the breather is supported in their exploration of thoughts, feelings, memories, and patterns that may be holding them back in their life and begin to release them with each and every breath. The more one experiences breathwork, the deeper into their inner experience they go.

The physical benefits of conscious-connected deep breathing are often immediate.


By breathing deeply, you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, and in turn, slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure—creating a feeling of complete calmnes

in the body.

It is a very empowering process.

Breathwork is for everyone

But is particularly great for those...

  • ready for the next opening or chapter in their lives

  • struggling with tension or other psycho-somatic issues in the body

  • experiencing anxiety and depression

  • feeling limited in their daily lives and seek expansion

  • suffering from grief, sadness, anger or stress

  • who have experienced trauma (physical or psychological) and feel its effects

  • struggling with insomnia

Who is it for?


What are the Benefits?

Tap into your inner knowing 

There is no need to think, process, or figure anything out during or after a session. The innate wisdom of your breath always knows exactly where to go for the level of healing that is available for you.


The breath opens the meridians and channels in your body and nourishes your energy system. This is when healing can happen. To know that you can let go to receive clarity and peace without thinking or doing is revelatory.

Feel empowered 

In a Breathwork session there is no need to use any external substances. There is an inner empowerment that comes from you and your body.


Your breath can become the source of answers to your questions, insights to challenges, freedom from feeling stuck, and guidance to what is  next for you, your life, and your work in the world.

Gain a new perspective on life's challenges

Breathwork supports many of life's challenges. It reduces stress and releases blockages in the body, creating space for openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, communication and connection. 

Additionally, it can help people receive insights from ancestors and loved ones who have transitioned, as well as understandings about work, creativity, finances, relationships, or health conditions.



Below you can find out a little more on what sessions with us entail. If you're interested, click the button to reach out and we can schedule a chat and find a time that works well for us both.


Each session begins with a little chat to acquaint and set intentions. You'll get a full overview of the breathwork how-to's if you haven't breathed with us before, so that you feel completely comfortable with the process and what to expect.

The breathwork journey itself lasts for around an hour, and is accompanied by Matt's soft, guided voice and music. The practice aims to harness the power of the breath to build an energetic charge in the body, which can lead to releases of deep-rooted emotional blocks, a clearer understanding of your life situration, and feelings of bliss and harmony.

We end each session with a chat about how to integrate your experience into your daily life. The following few days post-session may bring you insight into any inner questions you may have been needing guidance on.

To continue your breathwork and integrate it into your life, Matt recommends breathing practices you can take with you and use on a regular basis to continue your inner journey, regulate emotion, and live more in harmony with your world.

DURATION: 90 minutes

Via Zoom or In person



Group sessions are a great way to make the benefits of Breathwork available to a larger audience of your choosing, at a more affordable cost.

Sessions are generally held online, which allows the individual participants to join-in from the comfort of their own homes or from one device in a shared space.

Sessions include an introduction to the technique, a 45-minute breathe, followed by time for integration and discussion at the end.

There is also the option for sessions to be themed - if there is a topic of interest shared by the group participating. 

DURATION: 90 minutes

Via Zoom or In person



Our 5-session journey takes a therapeutic approach to the breath and aims to recognise and develop an intimacy with disruptive energy patterns and behaviours such as anxiety, fear, worry and stress. Each session is designed to strengthen our capacity to deal with these experiences so that we may live our lives with more clarity, grounding and openness.

We do not take a psychological approach in re-visiting past traumatic experiences, rather we deal with what is present here and now. From here we empower ourselves to understand our current situation without getting caught in stories, loops and patterns.

The 5-week journey is designed to be experiential, and non-theory based, so that you can learn to experience shifts and changes within yourself.

Each week's deep-dive guided Breathwork session is carefully themed to gradually allow yourself to discover your body's messages, develop a meaningful connection with them, and open more to the present moment. You will be provided with awareness exercises in-between sessions to deepen the exploration of your unconscious to ensure your Breathwork sessions are most effective.

DURATION: 5 x 90 minutes

Via Zoom or In person

group sessions
5-week journey


See how others have been helped by our Breathwork sessions.

Manon, 27


"Our dear Matt guides us into a beautiful and intimate journey into deep realms of the self. In his session, we bring consciousness to this precious tool that is the breath, and through it we experience a full sense of being alive."

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